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cover design for When We Were Amazing
When We were Amazing: When tragedy nearly destroys Brian's family wine business, can this reluctant young heir forfeit his dreams and online love?

Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Aussie wine heir Bryan Lassiter wanted nothing more than to be a self made man. When online love Carrie Sorrell flies half way round the globe to visit him, she’d no idea his magnetism would erase both their fourteen-year age difference and her common sense. As fate and a powerful family collide to tear them apart, will she have the strength to let him go or will it be the secret she’s so carefully protected that destroys?

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e-ISBN: 978-1-927361-08-5

"Christine London's When We Were Amazing blew me away. It's a heart wrenching story about two people who..." Entire review by Sue Lyndon (5 stars)
Cover by Delilah Stephans, for Muse Publishing

cover design for Reluctant Companions
Reluctant Companions:  Two lonely people overwhelmed by life…same time, same gorgeous locale--except they are not alone….
Read an excerpt here.
Mini-synopsis: Grieving the loss of her beloved father, Chellie is convinced to take time off from her work-a day job to enjoy a secret retreat at a hidden Oahu bungalow. Property of the womanizing ex of her best friend, Chellie agrees only after being assured her privacy. Overworked, burnt out and sour on life, Scottish film star Cameron McClain nearly had to be hog tied by his manager to take a holiday at his secret escape destination on the Hawaiian North shore. Reluctant guests alone on one of the world’s most beautiful islands---except they are not alone…

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e-ISBN: 978-1-927085-36-3

Cover by Delilah Stephans, for Muse Publishing

cover design for Hog Wild
Hog Wild: A love story that startson route from painful Los Angeles memories and continues to the stark beauty of the desert southwest. A head strong woman and a lost man vie for position under layers of twisted emotion & hot metal.
Read an excerpt here.
Mini-synopsis: Sinclair MacTavish ruled the world of motorcycle mechanics able to repair anything under the Four Corners sun. But when a cynical, road weary Brit crashes through the door of her garage, she's in for more than just another cantankerous client. He may be the challenge of her life.

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e-ISBN: 978-1-926931-44-9

"Christine London has a remarkable way with language, and her descriptions are just breathtaking."Entire review by Laura at One Hundred Romances.

Cover by Delilah Stephans, for Muse Publishing

cover design for Shadows  Steal the Light
Shadows Steal The Light: Rock star Colin Dunlow runs into sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, and it's love at first sight... with a few complications; the woman of his dreams hates rockers and there's someone who wants him dead.
Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Colin Dunlow is caught in a web of alcoholism precipitated by his skyrocketing fame as lead singer of the world's hottest hard rock group, Dumbarton. When he bumps into legal activist and sultry jazz singer, Jenna Lindstrom, he's no idea what's in store. How can he maintain his newfound sobriety whilst navigating a comeback and investigate who might want him dead? All of this and he has an AA sponsor who won't allow him any serious relationship, not if he wants to live. What's a rocker to do? Especially when the woman of his dreams hates rock and roll.

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ISBN: 978-1-926931-34-0

"I loved the evocative descriptions in this novel. The metaphors showing scenery, emotions, feelings are interwoven so seamlessly into the story, that you are caught up like a fish in a net, never to be let go. London is a gifted writer, & I hope to see more of her work." - The Pen & Muse

"Ms. London has a knack for truly launching the reader into the English lifestyle, complete with jargon, mannerisms, and charm." ~ entire review by Suzie Q at The Romance Studio

"I really liked this one. And maybe it was because some of the plot points hit pretty close to home (no, I don’t think anyone has ever tried to kill me), but I thought that Christine London did a remarkable job with capturing the intricacies of emotional turmoil and struggle. Her characters were very real to me, and I imagine that if she weren’t fictional, Jenna and I would be great friends. There is also a very good chance that I would hang out in an alley behind a venue in order to track down Colin and beg for a picture." ~ entire review by Laura at

Cover by Delilah Stephans, for Muse Publishing

cover design for Leap of Faith
Leap of Faith: A love triangle runs aground when personal secrets are found out. Mistaken identities and a medical secret combine to heat up this run away trip to Italy.

Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Film student Faith Holmes is on an Italian holiday bought and paid for -- a familial inducement to finding an Italian husband. She wants none of it. Boredom and curiosity make for a volatile mix and Faith is lured into the heart of the island of Forio's exclusive international film festival not as guest, but crasher.Hollywood's premiere publicist Hunter Jameson has more than enough on his plate when his client, English film sensation Alex Winslow decides he's departing from the straight and narrow. One American party crasher should be the least of his worries. He has no idea that Alex’s growing feelings for Faith rival his own. The only thing for certain is his life will never be the same.

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e-ISBN: 978-1-58749-735-3

"I strongly recommend this book; you won't be disappointed." (more) ~ Lisa at HEA Reviews

"Leap of Faith is not only about romance but a rare challenge to test the heart and what lies within." (more)

"At first Leap of Faith appears to be the usual boy meets girl with a crisis intervening to spoil their love. But this book is much more than that. It has a depth of emotion which drew me right into the story...By the time I got to the last few pages, I still wasn't sure who would win Faith's love...I recommend this to lovers of contemporary romance. It's well worth the read." ~ Orchid, Long & Short Romance Reviews

Cover designed and created by Alex Kent

cover design for Metropolitsn Passions 2Metropolitan Passions 2: You've loved Christine London's electronic romances in the past; nowshe's available on paper, too!!Included in this anthology are three talented writer's - Missy Lyon's with a tale of infidelity and death, Jane Leopold Quinn, who regales us with an interrupted love-at-first-sight story, and our own Christine London. Nestled on these printed pages appears her Before You Say Goodbye, previously only available electronically, about Aussie Internet entrepreneur Benn Morrison and Aubrey, a Californian mystery writer with a case of mistaken identity, intrigue and love.

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ISBN: 978-1-60659-166-6

Cover designed and created by Alessia Brio

cover design for Before You Say Goodbye
Before You Say Goodbye: From the moment Aussie Internet entrepreneur Benn Morrison opened the California mystery writer's solicitous message he knew she would change his life. Classy, sexy and erudite, she defined desirable womanhood. Now six months on they are flying half way round the globe to 'meet' on neutral ground: London. Can their affair of words survive the delivery of the package upon which his future depends? Ripped apart before they have the chance to find out, they are left to solve what just may be a mystery costing them their lives.

Read an excerpt here.

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e-ISBN: 978-1-59426-658-4

"If you’re in the mood for a fast-paced story with lots of twists and turns and a healthy does of steamy lovin’, then look no further than Before You Say Goodbye: London. It’ll warm your heart" ~ Tiger Lily

Cover designed and created by Alessia Brio

cover design for Against the Current
Against the Current: Hero and villain are pitted against each other in a heart pounding rescue mission gone wrong. Grant Cooper, head pilot of an H-65 helicopter out of Coast Guard Air Station San Francisco, is the man in control of his life. Or so he thinks until an emergency endangers his ex-lover's life. Julie MacKinnon couldn't suffer Grant's command. One sinking vessel, four surly smugglers and a breech in regulations shake them to the core. Can he save her and his crew in time without sacrificing himself?

Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Grant Cooper is England's finest. He's on a four-year tour of duty as an exchange flight officer to the United States Coast Guard. Always the man in control, he's the model of the perfect Search And Rescue pilot.It's not command that Julie MacKinnon fancies. She dumped him once in protest. After all, there are enough constraints in her life as an Emergency room nurse and volunteer Coast and volunteer Coast Guard Auxiliary crewwoman.When fate throws the two back together in the middle of a heart pounding emergency, will Grant be able to put the requirements of his position aside long enough to save his crew and their love?

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e-ISBN: 978-1-59426-809-0

"Ooohh, "Against the Current" has it all, even men in uniform with a sexy accent. This fast paced story will keep you wondering what will happen next. "Against the Current" also has a kick ass, over achiever heroine that we would all like to be. For a quick read when you need your sexy men in uniform fix, you will want "Against the Current". ~ Tanya

"Action packed, hot and sexy and just watching as Julie and Grant love hard and fight even harder is enough to make your blood start pounding. Giving us a look into the lives of the Coast Guard, and SAR, a reader gets to appreciate what the men and women in this branch of the service give to us each and every day. This book is without a doubt a keeper." ~simplyromancereviews : Melissa

" was almost as if I was standing on the boat during the rescue and hiding in the background when they faced their next encounter. I was spellbound visualizing the forceful danger they must face." ~ theromancestudio :Brenda Talley

Cover designed and created by Alex Kent

cover design for Soul in his Eyes
Soul In His Eyes: Scottish film star, Erik Bartholomew is rescued from the lonely isolation of fame by an unlikely fan living half a world away. Little does she know he will return the favor when her world is torn apart by tragedy.

Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Christine Rose lives an ideal life in a beach suburb of Los Angeles with her husband, Leo. Whilst on summer break from her teaching responsibilities, Christine sees Hollywood's rendition of her favorite gothic romantic musical, featuring a mysteriously magnetic actor with haunting, haunted eyes. Will his response to her letter help her cope with the tragedy that rips her world apart? Fascinated by her acuity and racked with the lonely isolation of fame, Erik pursues the Californian woman through an affair of words. He is as determined to open Christine's heart as she is to save him from his self-imposed solitude. But before they can dream of what lies in the future, they must come to grips with their pasts, as well as the myriad of obstacles fate and fame place in their way. Set in Los Angeles, Iceland, London, and Scotland this globetrotting novel visits the disparate worlds of quiet family life and the lightening paced celebrity of moviemaking. It interweaves two life stories, unfolding half a world apart, in a novel of courage, strength and love. The author's extensive travel and residence in England and Scotland make this read fun and scintillatingly "Brit".

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e-ISBN: 978-1-59426-865-6

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ISBN: 978-1-60659-949-5

"This amazing story from Christine London is a real page turner." (more) ~ by Clare at HEA Reviews

"What if you wrote a letter to a famous person and the letter actually reached that person? What if the letter sparked a friendship that transcended distance? What if that friendship turned into something more? Christine London's Soul in the Eyes explores, in a sweet, touching, feel-good way, these "ifs"… (Continued)

by Cez at Bookaholics Romance Book Club

“Pick up this read…don’t skip the sex scenes!” ~ Carol Langstroth of Mind Fog Reviews
"...the story remains, always, a tender and provoking tale of courage, loss, love, and adventure;.. " (Continued)

by Night Owl Reviews

"I've just read "Soul in His Eyes" by Christine London and I was relishing every page, it's a fantasy that every admirer of a gorgeous Scottish Movie Star would love to have, that's why I just LOVED this book!! Ms London gave me a wonderful insight into the Hollywood scene, and also the hero reminded me of a very HOT Scottish actor making movies in Hollywood now, there are many things that are similiar, and the read is just a wonderful dream. I was smiling with each Chapter that I read, as I imagined that the heroine of the book was me. I highly recommend that you buy "Soul in His Eyes" as it's a wonderful read. I hated to finish reading Ms. London's story and I KNOW that I will be reading it again. If you want to know who the Scottish actor reminds you of, buy the book and read it, you won't be disappointed at all!"
Sincerely, Deborah Porter

Cover designed and created by Alex Kent

cover design for Sunning hill Snow
Sunninghill Snow: Bryce and Kay are high-powered career people who just happen to be in hate. When a freak snowstorm isolates them in a romantic rural cottage will the time together be a recipe for war... or passion?

Read an excerpt here.

Mini-synopsis: Kay Macara had journeyed a long way from her Redondo Beach home in Los Angeles to London to speak at the Earls Court Book Fair as Author of the Day. She was a bit more than nervous about revealing her true identity as Jaid Rumor, the world's most popular and mysterious erotic romance author. It didn't help that this trip fell smack dab on the one-year anniversary of her divorce from a real sleaze. Staying at her university friend's cottage as part of her brief business trip to the U.K., Kay has sworn off all thought of a serious relationship-until she is taken by surprise by old flame, Bryce McKendrick, breaking in on her writer's solitude. Ten years hasn't changed her mind; Bryce still seems the womanizing cad. Set in the semi-rural village of Sunninghill on the periphery of London, this story spotlights the volatile re-acquaintance of two high-powered career people who haven't seen each other since their relationship ended, less than amicably, a decade ago. In charge of obtaining celebrity bookings and future programming for BBC 3's Good Morning Show, Bryce is living a lightening-paced life as the man to know in morning TV and one of London's most eligible bachelors. Having long been relegated to the occasional wistful smile or cringe of regret, Kay Macara was the last person he'd expected to run into at his best mate's country cottage. One snowbound weekend, a recalcitrant cat, a wild sled adventure and time stranded together are a recipe for war...or passion. The problem is that neither one can seem to see what's right in front of them: they never stopped loving each other.

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ISBN: 978-1-60659-126-0

e-ISBN: 978-1-59426-588-7

"Sunninghill Snow is one of the greatest books I have read recently. I felt like I was in the book. I could not stop reading it. This book deserves to be on the top ten list. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next one." ~ Denise

"Christine London brings her vast knowledge of England and its people to make SUNNINGHILL SNOW a definitely English flavored tale...How will it unfold?...a thoroughly engaging romatic story." ~ Holly Tibbs

"Wickedly funny and enticingly sensual...If you want a contemporary story that delights the heart as well as the mind then this book by Christine London is one you cannot pass up on." ~ Sheryl

Romance Junkies reviewer: Lacey

Booaholics review at Goodreads


"OH MY GOSH! I read Sunninghill in ONE sitting yesterday (from Phoenix to Seattle). LOVED it & can't wait to read your others!!!" ~ Reader in Seattle

"Wow. What a great are one lucky woman. I cant remember ever thinking that baking chocolate cookies could be so erotic. But it seemed to put Bryce & Kay in a playful mood. What a weekend to fall in love. The cottage, snowstorm, a cozy fireplace, Champagne, a bubble bath, all the old emotions stiring in their heads! I was afraid they were going to run out of I love the way you have him come to her rescue at the airport! Did that really happen? And I see what you mean....nice touch with the lukemia fundraiser! Bryce is the perfect man!

From a humble working stiff in Chicago, you truly are a gifted writer capturing the feelings of your characters in great detail where I did... paint the canvas in my mind as I was reading." Reader from Chicago

Cover designed and created by Alex Kent

Boarding Pass
Boarding Pass: Jackson stumbled backwards against the conveyor belt, impacting the edge. The leather boot he tried to slide on wouldn’t cooperate and the plastic bin containing his coat scrolled past him before he could nab it. Read on... here.

Send In the Clowns
Send In the Clowns: Having yearned for Graeme and been disappointed, Jenny has moved on... just as Graeme realizes what he really wants. Read on... here.

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